A short presentation of  SML Lighting AS

SML Lighting is a Norwegian company that supplies lighting solutions and products for private, corporate and public clients. We design, develop and deliver complete lighting solutions. The solutions are developed by our own team, or together with our skilled partners. On the product page, we represent some of the world’s leading lighting providers. SML Lighting has a long and solid history. In 2018 we had a turnover of approximately NOK 70 million. We have our offices in Oslo and Sarpsborg.

Our vision is to create atmosphere – through lighting, well designed solutions and great teamwork.

Our history

The story of SML Lighting is a long and bright story from the beginning in 1948 until today. We are more than 70 years old and in better shape than ever. It started with Sarpsborg Metallvarefabrikk being established in the post-war years. The main products at that time were drop tanks for aircraft and wheel caps. But already in 1950 the factory started producing home lighting. In 1960 we started producing technical filament lamp lighting. From 1970 during 1980’s sales increased very positively.  A sales top was registered in 1988, when the company delivered 10.000 articles to the Oslo Plaza Hotel. The Lysgårdsbakken in Lillehammer shines like a diamond in the evening. The popular Olympic ground has installed special luminaires that provide an amazingly good evening effect. The jump ground has become a landmark. In 1997, SML Lighting wound up all its own production. For the past 20 years, we have focused on design development and sales of lighting solutions and products. 

Today, we are experiencing increased demand for our solutions and products. We have 20 employees and have two departments, one in Oslo and one in Sarpsborg. With a turnover of approximately NOK 71 million and many enthusiastic employees, we are well equipped to meet the future and constantly new solutions that the market and our customers demand.

We know light!

The Nordic light has four seasons. Light gives us energy and mood. Most of the year we are in the dark and we need good and proper lighting to create the atmosphere.

We have learned to live with the natural light, but not fully accepted the challenge of creating good lighting design based on the use of artificial lighting.

This is something that drives us in our work to create good light. Since the beginning in 1948, we have focused on the right lighting products and solutions for the Norwegian market. We provide solutions for both public organizations and the private market. The missions range from the largest projects in our society to private homes and cabins. The common denominator is LIGHT.

Light that creates and adds value for people and for our clients. Most of our employees have education in light design or electrical. Many of us have worked in the light profession throughout our working life. We have all chosen to work with light because it gives us joy and meaning. We know that light affects people and their surroundings. We know that light can be used to focus, soothe, enhance and entertain. And not least, we know how light can play a role in a project to create a good overall solution.

Therefore, we dare to say that we know light.

We take responsibility for your project

70 years in the lighting industry has given us a lot of experience. In SML Lighting we have a nice mix of employees. Many with long and valuable experience mixed with a bunch of younger professionals with new knowledge. Together with solid project management tools, we are happy to take responsibility for your project with confidence and safety.

We know the lighting industry, suppliers, installers, engineers, builders, designers, architects and interior designers. We work daily with many different professions on both large and small projects. We have respect for other suppliers ‘and professionals’ subjects.

In addition to designing and calculating complete lighting solutions, we gladly take responsibility for the project. From start to finish.


  • Bega
  • Baulmann Leuchten,
  • Design Heure
  • Intra Lighting
  • Kevin Reilly Lighting
  • Luce & Light
  • LedLuks
  • Light Point
  • Occhio
  • Selux
  • TAL
  • Tom Dixon
  • Tulux
  • Zero

The national opera house, Oslo Norway

Grand Conference and banqueting venue (Photo: Dag Randen)

Grand Conference and banqueting venue  (Photo: Dag Randen)

Grand Conference and banqueting venue  (Photo: Dag Randen)

Jar kirke, Jar Norway

Advokatfirmaet CLP DA, Oslo Norway (Photo: Dag Randen)

Private house, Oslo Norway (Photo: Wood Arkitektur + Design)

We Are Live, Oslo Norway (Photo: Einar Aslaksen)

Munch museum, Oslo Norway (Illustration: estudio Herreros)

Customer support

Phone: +47 69 13 25 55
Email: support@smllighting.no

Contact persons


Svein Fossum

Owner / business developer
Sarpsborg / Oslo
+47 90 89 26 60


Kenneth Fossum

COO Design Team
+ 47 40 46 19 00


Tore Nistad

COO Technical Team
Sarpsborg / Oslo
+ 47 90 77 48 33

Visit us

SML Lighting AS
Kalnesveien 5,
1712 Grålum, Sarpsborg

SML Lighting AS
Design dept. / Skøyen Designcenter
Drammensveien 130 C1, 0277 Oslo